Thursday, 23 March, 2017
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Persell & Co

St.James Place, part of Rothschild Group, needed a prestigious website for one of their partners. They needed to utilise a gold colouring and imagery around Eton Square, Mayfair

Creation: By taking the photos ourselves, we were able to take unusual angled shots to convey a very up-to-date company coupled with an established finance organisation of St.James Place. The client had very definite ideas, so we needed to check every step of the development of the site. Then we obtained accurate mortgage copy for compliance, and structure it in a logical way in the site.
Result: 'Patience is a virtue' and it is worthwhile being flexible to give customer satisfaction. We are very proud of the result and have built a friendship with the client built on mutual respect.
Testimony: 'Top class service; nothing is too much trouble for them. Good technology supplier and new found friend' Senior Partner