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Audio & Video CD DVD Production  

Audio & Video CD DVD Production

We offer both Audio & Video CD DVD Production services.  Whether it is video for business marketing or recording your special wedding day.

Business Videos:

We can assist with helping your formulate your marketing / sales message and then produce a story-board of the video prior to shooting.  We can even write a script that can include 'appropriate humour', in order to better convey your sales messages.  You will have the option to have two or three cameras on location (however, this can start to eat your budget, because extra cameras, often mean extra camera staff).  We have a number of professional microphones which we may need to add to in the event of multiple participants.  The real time involved in making a video is the editing, then the further editing after clients see the first cut, therefore, more time spent planning, reduces any unnecessary extra costs.  Once, all is finalised, we can produce to multi-media like DVD, CD, MP4, .wmv, .mpeg etc... we can even post to YouTube to help you get search engine coverage of your marketing message.

minute media arts is a division of TimeMaker Systems Ltd, where we offer a combination of video, acting, editing for clients.  Plus a coprorate entertainment service, where we involve your staff in a team building excercise to make a video for your team or a draft new product launch for your co0mpany (which could be later extended to be a useful resource for your business). More info at minute media arts website

Please ring us today to discuss your Audio & Video CD DVD Production needs and we will fit a solution into your budget. Tel: 01634 260700

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