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Thursday, 23 March, 2017
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Online shopping

Online Shopping

What is more important then getting a new customer from your onlne shop?  The answer is 'keeping them a customer'.  There are many shopping solutions available these days, the problem is 'which one to choose'.  Online shoppers expect to be able to register online and receive alerts when new items become available that match their previous purchases.  There is a low tolerance to delays and tedious forms to complete (that didn't save the information last visit).

We all know the saying 'but cheap and you buy twice', well it is true.  It sometimes worth delaying the decision to have an online shop and getting it done 'right first time' as it can cost almost the same amount of money next time around, especially if the data and image have to be entered all over again!

See our online shopping solutions we have delivered to out clients.

We have a number of solutions that can take an import from an excel spreadsheet and hence keep the costs down.  Ring us on 01634 260700 to arrange an demo and initial consultation.