Tuesday, 28 March, 2017
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Bulk email

Bulk email

This is one of the quickest ways of wasting money if not implemented emailouts in a controlled and targeted way.

Imagine sending out a thousand emails and getting then 200 phone calls the next day, could you cope with that many calls in a day?  If not, then perhaps, staging when emails go out may be a better approach. 

What do you do if 300 emails bounce back, who is going to manage the returns and how will you update your records?  These are real-life issues that automation can assist with.

Trying to use Outlook to send out in groups of 15 email BCC's can get very tedious and checking whether they went successfully can cost you more in time than it would it paying for an email service to be done for you.  Time is money.  Ring us today to discuss your eMarketing needs and we will fit a solution into your budget. Tel: 01634 260700